CB transfer from 2007 to 2017

So....the purchase of a new Gold Wing does not include an old school CB radio. Go figure. I kinda missed the abilty to chat when traveling with others bikes and being able to say "we are stopping at the next nice clean gas station"

Transferring the CB from the '07 to the '17 should be simple right?? Although it is the same basic unit, it does not have the same plug.
Easy, replace the plug-- but in life, something that should be easy is convoluted by a crafty engineer or lowest parts bidder. Sigh...
I eventually found the correct plug, er, well, I guessed at it. Umm, educated guess, I guess. Ordered, received and amazed it was the right one. Phew.


5 Sets 16 Pin Clamp Male and Female Car Connector Harness Plug with Terminal DJ7165C-1-10/21

Ok so I got a plug....now what? You take a big set of sidecutters and cut the cable in half on your $1000 CB radio. Oh well, you only live once.

I guess I'm committed now. That's odd; my wife says that isn't till Thursday???

Cut apart it looks like this.

There are the 13 wires we are looking for. wait!... 13...is that bad luck!...Dang! But it goes into a 16 pin connector. Maybe that will offset the bad luck. Where did I leave my lucky rabbit foot???

There are things that you would think would be easy to google on the 'net, but finding a picture showing the wire colors of this plug are almost nonexistent and at best a pixelated mess. However if you want a pic of a 3 headed giraffe,no problem.
Go ahead, I'll wait while you look it up

I finally built my own diagram to keep the dang colours and placement straight

So now just to attach pins. I think part of my issue was the incredible high quality crimping pliers from China; but it was like the wire was the wrong size for the pin. The crimp did not hold the wire properly and a bit of a tug would pull the wire out. It's pretty tight spacing to be rechecking loose wire connections later... Good thing this package of connectors come in groups of 5

I soldered the wire to the pin and then had to file them back into shape.

Top 10 Best Find of the Year was this magnifying glass from a projection tv. Wife says best sliver magnifyer you can find. For the pyromaniacs in the group: it starts wood on fire too! In the firepit--yeh, that's where you play with things like this.. yeh

There it is, all put together and ready to be installed.

There are points in a project that you can not do, if you are not in the right mood. Like drilling the first hole for the CB antenna in your shiny trunk, or plugging in the CB plug that you have just cut apart and modified.( Did I mention the $1000 CB and the $2400 stereo it plugs into?)

Is it Thursday yet? One of my 'old school' riding buddies, says it is.

With the 'right mood' installed; it's time to do or die.


With all functions tested i'd say its a go.

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