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Scientific Explorer - The Web's Best Science Blog

ScienceMan is very pleased to be associated with one of the most thoughtful and well-written science blogs on the web, Scientific Explorer.

If you are curious about the nature of matter and energy in our universe, you really need to be a regular reader of Scientific Explorer - all of the articles are intriguing and are guaranteed to stretch your brain cells!

Click the icon to the right to visit Scientific Explorer , or use the direct-link menu below to select any article that interests you.

Do you have a question or topic suggestion for the Scientific Explorer? Send it in via the ScienceMan contact page!

Scientific Explorer's Most Recent Article

All About the Particles in Physics - fermions, bosons, leptons...it can all be so confusing! Let Scientific Explorer explain the "particle zoo" for you!

Scientific Explorer Series - Our Universe

Our Universe - a tour de force from the Scientific Explorer, if you've ever wondered about the nature of universe and how it came about, you need to read this amazing 15 part series:

  1. Water
  2. The Big Bang
  3. The Universe's First Baby Picture
  4. Grand Unifcation Epoch
  5. Inflationary Epoch
  6. Electroweak Epoch
  7. Quark Epoch
  8. Hadron Epoch
  9. Lepton Epoch
  10. Photon Epoch
  11. Decoupling Epoch
  12. The Dark Age
  13. Stelliferous Era
  14. The End of the Universe
  15. Conclusion and Personal Notes

Scientific Explorer Series - Magnetism Explained

Scientific Explorer leaves no "lodestone" unturned in this comprehensive series on magnetism.

  1. An Introduction To Magnetism
  2. The Mechanism of Magnetism
  3. Ferromagnetism
  4. Other Kinds of Magnetic Ordering
  5. Electromagnetism

Scientific Explorer Series - Our Solar System

Another tour de force from the Scientific Explorer, you need to take this fascinating journey through our solar system with Scientific Explorer's 10 part series:

  1. Earth
  2. Mars
  3. Venus
  4. The Goldilocks Zone
  5. Mercury
  6. Neptune
  7. Saturn
  8. Jupiter
  9. Uranus
  10. More Than Just Planets and a Star

Scientific Explorer Series - Stellar Objects

Scientific Explorer takes you on an amazing journey to stars, black holes, quazars, wormholes, and more. Don't miss this wonderful series!

  1. Introduction To Stars
  2. Neutron Stars
  3. Quark Stars
  4. Magnetars
  5. Black Holes
  6. Quasars
  7. Wormholes

Scientific Explorer Series - Environmental Issues

Check out these well-balanced articles for eye-opening insight into some serious environmental issues.

  1. Alberta's Oil Sands: A Primer On the Industry and its Impact
  2. Fracking: Alberta's Imminent Disaster

Scientific Explorer Science Jar - A Mix 'n Match of Scientific Interest

You're bound to find something fascinating in the Scientific Explorer Science Jar!

  1. Gravity
  2. Time
  3. Antimatter
  4. The Behaviour of Light
  5. Very Hot, Very Cold - Superfluids Demonstrate the Strangeness of Atoms
  6. The Northern Lights

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